Need to create a safer work environment? We have a variety of floor marking tapes to help you easily mark floors, aisles, and walkways.

Floor marking tapes are extremely versatile and through enhancements with modern day technologies they have become extremely durable and long lasting. In fact, floor marking tapes can be used to mark off or enhance the organization of just about anywhere. Whether you are looking to highlight paths for forklifts, define areas for pallet jack storage, or just simply create organization on floors, shelves, walls, or walkways floor marking tape can help.

Aisle marking tape can be used in a variety of different settings from large manufacturing facilities to school gymnasiums to food preparation areas. Furthermore, floor marking tape is available in a plethora of different colors to suit any unique or specific needs.

We supply some of the most sought after and trusted aisle marking tapes available on the market, our brands include SafetyTac Tape, Smart Stripe Tape, and Durastripe tape. Many of these brands also offer specific types of tape such as reflective tapes, anti-slip tapes, glow-in-the-dark tapes, tapered edge tapes, and even pre-made shapes.

Stop painting your floor markings and aisle markings, and instead simply peel-and-stick your way to safer, more efficient work floors with the help of floor marking tapes. Once you utilize floor tape, you will wonder why you ever chose to do it any other way.

Floor Marking News

Warehouse Floor Marking Tapes for Safety

Improving warehouse safety is something that requires quite a bit of planning and effort. There is no one thing that you can do to get the results you need fast. Instead, you should look at a variety of different options and implement the ones that will give you the biggest improvements. Of course, even smaller improvements to warehouse safety can be very important. One thing that you can do to make improvements in this area …

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lift trucks parked with floor marking

Improving Material Handling with Floor Markings

Material handling is a common activity in most facilities. Any time a material needs to be moved from one place to another there is a risk of it being damaged, lost, or have other problems. In addition, moving things around can also make them less organized if it isn’t taken care of properly. While it is not possible to eliminate the need for material handling entirely, there are things that can be done to reduce …

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floor tape line marking

Line Marking & Floor Tape

When implementing a visual communication strategy, the floors shouldn’t be overlooked! Using floor tape to line different areas of the facility can help people navigate, mark off hazards, and improve the workplace’s organization efforts. Painted or taped lines are often associated with safety. They can be used where vehicles and workers are traveling to create lanes similar to a road. Separate lanes for pedestrian paths, forklift lanes, and equipment paths, can keep people moving around …

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Safety News

hearing protection required sign

Facility Safety Includes Hearing Conservation

One of the most common work related problems people who work in factories or other facilities face is the loss of hearing. The loud noises that occur can cause significant hearing loss or other hearing problems that often last a lifetime. Most safety managers would never consider allowing their facility to damage the legs, arms or head of their employees on a regular basis, but when it comes to hearing, many people don’t give it …

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Keep Calm poster

Are Employees Afraid to Report Job Injuries?

The countries most popular legal information site,, has conducted a survey about reporting on the job injuries. It found that nearly 10% of Americans have been injured on the job, but did not report it, for fear of retaliation. The retaliation, such as fear of being fired or other negative impacts on their career, was the most significant reason people gave for failing to report on the job injuries, according to the survey. This …

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safety audit

Is it Time for Your Safety Audit?

As you face yet another year as a successful business owner, it’s time to take stock of your company’s safety components and make tweaks where necessary. The new year is always a great time to perform a safety audit — it’s a time for resolutions, beginning anew, tackling new challenges and gearing up for a productive 12 months in 2014. Keeping your employees safe is key to running a business, not to mention it keeps …

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