Floor Tape Applicator

Floor tape applicators are generally used when installing floor tape on large projects such as in commercial buildings or big entertainment facilities.  When a job requires more than 40 rolls of floor tape, an applicator is a handy tool to complete the job in an efficient and timely manner.  Features Applicators will automatically unroll tape and

Safety Tape

Most business owners have had an employee or visitor either slip or fall somewhere on their premises.  Falls can cause bodily injury and may require an employee to seek medical help which could in turn prevent them from working. Compensation costs rise and productivity is jeopardized when employees are injured while on the job.  One of the

Tape Protection

When it comes to floor marking projects, tape protection is the perfect solution for extending life and durability to the project.  Protecting floor markings will assure companies are getting the most out of their investments with regards to the cost of floor tape and the number of man hours spent on floor marking projects.  Extending

Yellow Floor Tape

Most companies today refer to the 5S floor marking color guidelines that comply with OSHA 1910.144 standard.  This color scheme can be used to visually separate processes, work areas, and pathways.  The color scheme purposefully limits the colors to encourage easy learning and ready recognition of specific areas in the workplace.  However, it can also