PPE Training is a Must

In the world of safety, there exists a chart to help people find ways to mitigate hazards. It’s known as the hierarchy of controls. This pyramid chart suggests ways to help deal with hazards you may encounter while performing work. It’s ranked in effectiveness from top to bottom, with elimination of the hazard being the

Purpose for Floor Markings in a Factory

When visitors tour industrial factories, they often see well-ordered industrial equipment set up for optimal efficiency. Many people often just attribute floor markings within industrial settings to companies attempting to improve supply chain performance through such practices as lean manufacturing. However, they would only be partially right in most cases because many of the markings

How can Technology Improve Workplace Safety?

Almost every worksite under-utilizes technology in some way. With the eye on the final product, many business managers don’t stop to think about how technology can improve their safety systems and reduce accidents. Of course, it is true that not all worksites are alike, but the general tenets of technology application can apply to all.

Learn to be a Leader to become a Successful Safety Leader

Although there are many important occupations that an individual could choose to pursue, safety may be one of the most significant. This is the case for several reasons, especially the fact that enforcing safety rules and regulations can preclude people from injury and death. If you are interested in becoming a leader within the field

Safety Drill Tips for the Workplace

When it comes to responding to emergencies such as fires, tornados, chemical spills and other disasters, it is important to be prepared. This typically starts by having an evacuation plan in place, but more importantly, ensuring employees understand the plan and know what they need to do. Too many facilities don’t practice their evacuation or

E-Learning increasing for Workplace Safety Training

E-Learning has become increasingly popular as it becomes more efficient, and it’s not difficult to see why. The training potential for an interactive medium that can be accessed the same way around the world instantly without the need for specialized trainers has been a dream of many companies for decades. More corporations are finding these

Using Floor Tape to Assist With Your 5S Project

The 5S system has been used for years by individuals and businesses alike to increase efficiency and move organizational projects along in a, well, organized fashion. Colored floor tape, another staple of a lean workplace, is also commonly used to assist with organization and safety. How about combining the two? Let’s take a look at