5S Vinyl Floor Tape

5S vinyl floor tape is one of the most affordable and versatile items in any facility. It comes in all different colors, and there are even different durability levels for use in different situations. The tape can be used in a temporary way to mark off areas, or for permanent markings on the floor. It is much faster and easier to use than floor paint, and it can be used on virtually any type of surface from concrete to outdoor cement and even on carpet.

Most facilities use this type of tape in a wide range of different ways. The most common use is to mark off areas of the facility which are designated for walking or driving vehicles. This helps ensure everyone in the facility is aware of the risks of moving vehicles, which often have limited lines of sight. Using a different colored 5S vinyl floor tape for different levels of danger is a great way to keep people alert for hazards without having to spend a significant amount of money.

5S Vinyl Floor Tape for Safety

Using this type of tape to improve the safety of a facility is a great option. As mentioned above, the tape can be used to mark off different areas where vehicles and people might be, but there are other uses as well. Using one color of the tape to identify areas where potential hazards exist is a great idea. If, for example, there is an exhaust vent which releases hot steam. The area where the danger of getting burned is can be marked off with red tape so people know not to enter.

It can also be used to help illustrate where specific items in the facility need to go to ensure they are stacked properly and won’t be in the way of anyone or anything else in the area. There are many different examples which can be given for how this type of tape can help improve the safety of both the people working in a facility, and the facility Floor-Tape-Samplesitself. With it being so affordable, it makes sense to use this tape in any way possible to help improve the overall workplace environment.

Non-Standard Uses for 5S Vinyl Floor Tape

In addition to using 5S vinyl floor tape to mark the floors of a facility, it can also be used in many other ways. This vinyl tape can be applied to organization walls where tools and other equipment are kept. Placing one color of tape on the wall where a specific tool goes, for example, and then the same color tape on the tool itself is one great way to stay organized.

This tape can also be written on with permanent marker to create custom labeling options. The tape is resistant to aging, sun, water, fungus, oil and even acids so it will last much longer than many other options, and is also far less expensive. It is easy to see how this type of tape can become so valuable in any type of facility where identifying different items and hazards is so important.

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