Aisle Marking Tape for Dance Floors

Aisle marking tape has a multitude of uses.  Typically, aisle marking tape is applied to floors in industrial plants, warehouses, offices, etc to identify safe pathways, or to mark off sections of floor for storing inventory and equipment.  However, when the creative side of the brain starts to work, aisle marking tape can be used for art designs, room designs, furniture placements, line markings on gym floors, and for marking stages and dance floors.  The list for how aisle marking tape can be used is never ending.

Aisle Tape used for Dance Performer’s Safety

Dance troupes travel from city to city performing on different types of stages, and some even may be performed outside.  Aisle marking tape is a great solution for marking edges and stairways of stages so dance performers can clearly see where the stage drops off.  Dance troupes cannot afford to have anyone in their group get hurt.  Therefore, by properly marking the outside edges of the stage, dancer’s safety will be ensured.

Separating Sections with Aisle Tape

Dance floors for weddings, proms, and other social events can be marked off in large areas in order to separate dance floor space from other sections.  People attending these types of events will know exactly where they can dance comfortably without disrupting any other activities within the vicinity.

Aisle Tape is Durable for both Indoor and Outdoor Use

Many times dance performances are performed outside either on portable stage or even on a cemented area.  Aisle marking tape will withstand the elements of weather, such as hot or cold conditions.  All that is required for aisle marking tape to adhere is a clean dry surface.  Once applied, no amount of foot traffic or vehicular traffic will cause the tape to rip or tear.  When dance troupes have finished performing, stage areas can easily be brought back to its original condition.  Removing the tape is quick and easy and will not leave behind any residue.

Aisle Tape Outperforms Paint When Creating Lines

Before floor marking tape was utilized as a tool for marking stages and dance floors, paint was often used.  Because paint requires time to cure and dry, people quickly realized paint was not the best solution for creating stage lines.  Aisle marking tape is simple to install with the peel-&-stick application and can be completed in a short period of time by one person.  Tape can also be removed easily without using harsh chemicals that could potentially damage floors unlike paint.

Create a Beautiful Dance Floor

Consider aisle marking tape the next time you need to section off an area for dancing.  Floor tape comes in a variety of color selections that will help anyone design a unique and beautiful dance floor for your next social event.

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