Enhance Workplace Safety With Floor Marking Tape

Marking the floor with hazard tape is essential in the workplace for various reasons, contributing towards both safety and efficiency. To maximize the ongoing running of a warehouse, organized floor markings can manage the flow of vehicles, workers, and pedestrians within the same space, ensuring traffic is fast flowing and doesn’t clash. Within a fast-paced

Facility Safety Includes Hearing Conservation

hearing protection required sign

One of the most common work related problems people who work in factories or other facilities face is the loss of hearing. The loud noises that occur can cause significant hearing loss or other hearing problems that often last a lifetime. Most safety managers would never consider allowing their facility to damage the legs, arms

Is it Time for Your Safety Audit?

safety audit

As you face yet another year as a successful business owner, it’s time to take stock of your company’s safety components and make tweaks where necessary. The new year is always a great time to perform a safety audit — it’s a time for resolutions, beginning anew, tackling new challenges and gearing up for a

JSA – Job Safety Analysis Explained

Keeping everyone in a facility safe is extremely important for all workplaces. In many cases, the responsibility of workplace safety falls on one person, or a group of people. This is a great way of allowing the individual or group to focus specifically on safety improvement, rather than just having that as a secondary responsibility

Make Your Workplace Safe for 2014

Every New Year the dreaded question arises, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” This year, take several simple steps to make your working environment a safer, more inviting place to work. Treating your employees with dignity and concern for their well-being is not just altruistic, it’s smart business. A safe and happy employee is a productive

How to create a Zero-Tolerance Approach For Safety

Safety is very important, and in today’s work environment, it is imperative to create a zero tolerance policy. Whether employees are driving while texting, or working in an energy plant where one mistake could have global impact, a zero tolerance policy ensures the company that the workers will always keep in mind the safety of

PPE Training is a Must

In the world of safety, there exists a chart to help people find ways to mitigate hazards. It’s known as the hierarchy of controls. This pyramid chart suggests ways to help deal with hazards you may encounter while performing work. It’s ranked in effectiveness from top to bottom, with elimination of the hazard being the

How can Technology Improve Workplace Safety?

Almost every worksite under-utilizes technology in some way. With the eye on the final product, many business managers don’t stop to think about how technology can improve their safety systems and reduce accidents. Of course, it is true that not all worksites are alike, but the general tenets of technology application can apply to all.