Floor Tape Applicator

Floor tape applicators are generally used when installing floor tape on large projects such as in commercial buildings or big entertainment facilities.  When a job requires more than 40 rolls of floor tape, an applicator is a handy tool to complete the job in an efficient and timely manner. 


Applicators will automatically unroll tape and lay it firmly onto clean, dry floor surfaces.  Most commercial floor applicators can install up to 1500 feet of tape within an hour.  The applicator is easy and simple to use and can even be operated by only a single person.  Applicators are constructed out of steel and feature rubber applicator heads for secure installation.

Common Uses

Floor tape and markings are essential when it comes to ensuring safety and productivity.  Applicators are able to design pathways specifically for forklift and pedestrians.  Workers and visitors will know where they can walk safely without endangering themselves by unknowingly entering forklift traffic lanes.  Applicators can also section off storage areas so workers are not confused as to where a product belongs thereby increasing productivity.  Aisles can be marked off directing foot traffic through unfamiliar areas for better flow. Another benefit of floor markings is that hazardous or dangerous zones can be easily and quickly identified.  Emergency situations call for quick and immediate responses and the applicator can help do just that.

Cost Savings

Large floor marking projects will attain cost savings when investing in a floor tape applicator.  Manual installation cannot achieve the level of speed and accuracy that an applicator can deliver.  Huge floor marking projects without the help of an applicator would require numerous workers and many hours to complete the job.  An applicator can create floor markings quickly and efficiently.

Floor tape applicators will greatly reduce the number of hours spent creating safety and precautionary floor markings.  Designing floor markings with a floor tape applicator is the best solution when it comes to creating a safe workplace.

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