Orange Floor Tape

When using any type of floor tape to mark off different areas of a facility one of the most important things is to make sure the tape you use is easily seen.  Orange floor tape is one of the best choices because it is light enough to be seen in dark areas, but dark enough to stand out during the day.   Orange floor tape can also come in reflective options to help it stand out even more when necessary.

There are several options to choose from when using any type of floor tape in a facility.  The important thing is to make sure that once a standard is set for this type of thing everyone is trained on it and is following the rules for how it is used.  If, for example, a specific color of tape is chosen to mark areas where chemicals are used, than that particular color of tape should not be used anywhere else.

free-floor-marking-guide-and-poster from Creative Safety SupplyUses for Orange Floor Tape

One of the most common uses for orange floor tape is to mark off general paths which can be used for walking or driving vehicles.  The fact that it is easy to see in most any light makes it the perfect choice for this type of use.  Placing this tape on the floor to indicate where people can and cannot go is a great way to keep both employees and visitors safe in the facility.  It will also help guide vehicles like hi-lows along the right way and prevent them from going into places where they should not be.

Using orange floor tape as the default color for all normal uses in a facility is a great option for most places.  The high visibility is perfect for just about any area and unlike red and other similar colors there isn’t a default use for this type of tape.

Orange Floor Tape for Specific Alerts

Of course, it is also possible to use orange floor tape to notify people in the area of a particular risk or something to watch out for.  It can be particularly useful for getting people’s attention in areas where they need to be extra careful.  Some facilities use something like yellow for most areas and then change to orange for places where the risk is increased.  One example of this is if the normal driving area for indoor vehicles is marked off with yellow, it might help to mark the corners and turning areas with orange so people are more careful.

There are many different ways a facility can use orange floor tape and with it being so durable and affordable it is an easy solution to many different issues.  As long as it is clearly documented what this color signifies, it can be used for virtually any purpose.  Once the color schemes are decided, however, the safety manager has to take the time to train everyone so they are well aware of exactly what each type of tape means in this particular facility.

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