Safety Floor Signs

Floor Fire Safety Sign

When working in any type of facility there is nothing more important than the safety of the employees working in the area, and the safety of the products and machinery within the facility.  Keeping this in mind is one of the most important things people can do.  Even from a purely financial point of view safety is critically important because accidents cause significant down time and other expenses for the company.  Improving the safety of a facility, however, does not have to cost very much and can be much easier than most people think.  Using safety floor signs, for example, is an extremely inexpensive, yet effective, way of helping to keep everyone safe.

Safety floor signs can be placed in just about any area to alert people to the potential risks or dangers.  They can either be temporary signs or permanently added to an area where there is ongoing risk.  Installing these types of signs is also quite easy and doesn’t take much time at all.  There are many significant benefits to using these types of signs which is why they are one of the most popular safety tools used in industrial and other facilities today.

Temporary Safety Floor SignsView our “10 Tips For Safety Signage Part 1” Slideshare Presentation

Everyone has seen temporary safety floor signs used in a wide range of different places.  The most commonly seen sign is a ‘caution: wet floor’ sign.  These are used to alert people to the risk of slipping and falling due to a floor being wet from cleaning or a spill.  They are particularly useful because they can be quickly placed in an area to alert people of the risks.  There are dozens of different types of safety floor signs which facilities can purchase and use for a wide range of different risks.

These types of signs are typically very inexpensive so there is no problem with purchasing them and storing them away until they are needed. Storing them in a facility closet or other are where everyone knows where to find them is a great way to have them easily accessible in the event of a temporary situation causing risk in one area.

Long Term Safety Floor Signs

When there is a specific risk in a given area of a facility it is important to identify the risk and eliminate it if possible.  When the risk is something that can’t be eliminated at all, or at least not in the near future, the next best step is to place safety floor signs in the area letting people know of the potential danger.  When putting signs up for a longer duration it is often a good idea to secure them in some way.  Some signs have weighted bases to make them more stable.  Others can be secured against support poles or other permanent devices so they won’t be moved.

There are many uses for safety floor signs and with such a diverse list of these signs it is easy to see how useful they can be in just about any facility.  With such an affordable price these signs will typically pay for themselves by preventing even just one minor injury or accident.

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