Safety Tape

Most business owners have had an employee or visitor either slip or fall somewhere on their premises.  Falls can cause bodily injury and may require an employee to seek medical help which could in turn prevent them from working. Compensation costs rise and productivity is jeopardized when employees are injured while on the job.  One of the most affordable and simple solutions for preventing accidental slips and falls, is the use of safety floor tape.

Slippery When Wet

Floors are often the most slippery when wet. The most common culprits of wet  of floors include rain water from footwear, raincoat or umbrella drips, and food and liquid spills.  Floor tape can be strategically placed in areas of high foot traffic where floors are at the highest risk for slippage.  The market today offers safety floor tape in a variety of colors and sizes that will fit the needs of most facilities.  SafetyTac Tape is one brand of floor tape that is considered the #1 best selling industrial floor tape due to the material’s durability.  It has shown the ability to withstand the toughest tests and trials on the planet.

Quality Guaranteed with SafetyTac Tape

Safety within the workplace is critical to business owners if they want to be successful and have a good reputation in the public’s view.  SafetyTac floor tape features an easy and quick peel-&-stick installation.  The tapes dual-beveled edges and resilient surface can withstand not only water spills, but also chemical spills, grease, and other caustic fluids spills.  Furthermore, SafetyTac Tape is easy to clean and maintain. Even despite regular and multiple cleanings, the safety tape will not disappear, rip or fade due to its tough exterior material and super-strong adhesive backing.

Hazardous Striped Tape

Stairs are considered to be hazardous and should be properly marked to prevent falls.  Safety floor tape is the perfect solution for keeping accidents at bay.  Floor tape is available in specific hazard colors that when seen, alert pedestrians of upcoming danger. Some common color combinations include Yellow on black, white on black, red on white, and green on white. The high contrast striping clearly identifies the area and emphasizes the importance of using caution.

Slippery Floors Attract Scammers

Too many times we have seen and heard of scammers who cause their own slips and falls to collect insurance money from lawsuits.  Scammers find ways of knowing which businesses have problems with slippery floors, and arrive fully prepared to score their next insurance fraud deal at the mercy of the unknowing business. Unfortunately, a business that reports numerous slips and falls attracts scammers. Owners should be aware if there is a problem with slippery floors and should take immediate action to remediate floors so there are no slips caused by negligence. Applying floor tape will reduce slips and falls and also help to keep scammers from entering your establishment.

Floor Tape Will Prevent Accidents

Floor tape is one of the easiest ways to promote safety and prevent unnecessary accidents from happening.  The industrial grade tape will adhere to any clean, flat surface and will last a long time.  It will resist scrapes, weathering, and wear making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Floor tape is a popular product used by many business owners to maintain safety and prevent accidents.

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