There is Always Two Groups of LEAN Stakeholders – Leaders and Employees Affected by the Change

lean stakeholders

The Lean Six Sigma strategies require that many things in a company are changed. These changes are designed to help make improvements, but unfortunately, they don’t always occur overnight. Many people on leadership teams focus on the long term benefits of a given change, without really considering how it will impact employees immediately, or what

How can Technology Improve Workplace Safety?

Almost every worksite under-utilizes technology in some way. With the eye on the final product, many business managers don’t stop to think about how technology can improve their safety systems and reduce accidents. Of course, it is true that not all worksites are alike, but the general tenets of technology application can apply to all.

E-Learning increasing for Workplace Safety Training

E-Learning has become increasingly popular as it becomes more efficient, and it’s not difficult to see why. The training potential for an interactive medium that can be accessed the same way around the world instantly without the need for specialized trainers has been a dream of many companies for decades. More corporations are finding these

Top 5 Reasons Why Lean Transformations Fail

Implementing lean transformations in any type of facility can be very difficult, and when done improperly they can cause significant problems both for the short term and in the future.  The benefits of a properly implemented lean transformation, however, can be extremely powerful and help companies of all types run much more smoothly and even