Using Floor Tape to Assist With Your 5S Project

The 5S system has been used for years by individuals and businesses alike to increase efficiency and move organizational projects along in a, well, organized fashion. Colored floor tape, another staple of a lean workplace, is also commonly used to assist with organization and safety. How about combining the two? Let’s take a look at

5S for Beginners

The production methodology known as 5S was developed by the Toyota Motor Company, and used for organizing, cleaning, developing and sustaining their productive work environment. Introducing 5S to beginners, who aren’t familiar with it can be difficult at first, because there is so much to learn. Hitting the most important points, however, is typically going

5s your area with Aisle Marking Tape

5S is a program or system to reduce waste and improve productivity through maintaining an organized workplace using visual tools to achieve more consistent operational results.   A 5S program will turn an inefficient and unorganized facility into a lean facility.  Implementation of this method will clean up and organize the workplace.  One of the easiest