Are Employees Afraid to Report Job Injuries?

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The countries most popular legal information site,, has conducted a survey about reporting on the job injuries. It found that nearly 10% of Americans have been injured on the job, but did not report it, for fear of retaliation. The retaliation, such as fear of being fired or other negative impacts on their career, was the most significant reason people gave for failing to report on the job injuries, according to the survey. This …

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Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2013

Each year OSHA releases the top ten list of most frequently cited violations of the year. In the majority of cases, the list really doesn’t change too much from year to year. In 2013, the number one and number two spots remained the same as they were in 2012. The top spot, fall protection, had 7250 violations in 2013, making it a very significant risk for employees in many industries. It should be no real …

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OSHA Safety Floor Tape

Safety is the most important thing in any facility, and one of the best ways to improve safety is by following the OSHA standards and guidelines. OSHA offers hundreds of different requirements for all sorts of different types of facilities, and while it can sometimes be difficult to stay in compliance, the regulations are intended to help keep everyone as safe as possible. One of the most important OSHA requirements is that hazardous areas in …

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Using aisle marking tape to comply with OSHA standards

OSHA, the Occupational Essential Safety and Health Maintenance, is known for issuing all kinds of guidelines and restrictions for even the smallest, most insignificant information, and has a lot of influence about all things that happen within the industrial facility.  OSHA agents clearly enjoy swooping on any type of containment strategy that falls slightly next to the prescribed standard even if it works perfectly fine to your business in topic; such as small debris or …

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OHSA Standards for Floor Marking

OSHA Floor marking standards

If you have ever worked in a warehouse or factory setting, chances are that you have heard the name “OSHA” used fairly frequently. OHSA actually stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The main purpose of OSHA is to help reduce the number of on-the-job injuries, illnesses, and deaths. This is done by helping to enforce specific safety regulations and practices within the workplace. Furthermore, with safer work conditions businesses are able to significantly reduce …

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