Virtual Signs for Visual Communication


Improve Visual Communication with Virtual Signs Creating a visual workplace can help your facility to improve safety, reduce waste and generally help everything run much more smoothly throughout the day. In most situations you can use things like floor signs, floor marking tape, wall signs and more to convey clear and helpful messages to anyone

Use Visual Signs and Implement Lean

Any facility that is considering implementing lean strategies into their workflow, will want to take a moment to look at how visual triggers can help support lean initiatives. The lean strategies are all about eliminating waste, doing things efficiently and having an environment which supports constant improvement. This requires that a lot of information be

Slip and Fall Hazards

Slip and fall accidents are the number one type of accident in the work place. Like most types of hazards, these are so dangerous because they occur when you least expect them to. Areas which are slippery, but are marked clearly with signs are very rarely the location of an accident. It is essential, therefore,