There is Always Two Groups of LEAN Stakeholders – Leaders and Employees Affected by the Change

lean stakeholders

The Lean Six Sigma strategies require that many things in a company are changed. These changes are designed to help make improvements, but unfortunately, they don’t always occur overnight. Many people on leadership teams focus on the long term benefits of a given change, without really considering how it will impact employees immediately, or what type of push-back there may be. Managers often mistakenly think that they can just force these changes through, since they …

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What is OEE?

what is oee

OEE is an acronym that you’ve likely heard used quite a bit if you work in or around manufacturing facilities. It stands for Overall Equipment effectiveness, and it is a hierarchy of metrics that is used to help evaluate how effectively a specific manufacturing operation is being utilized. It was developed in the 1960’s by Seiichi Nakajima, who based this series of metrics on the Harrington Emerson School of through on labor efficiency. To put …

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Implementing and Using a Visual Management Board

In many workplaces there will be several different projects going on at the same time. Whether this is creating a variety of different products, or working on services for multiple different customers, it can quickly get confusing and overwhelming. What makes it so hard is that in many cases, each project will be using multiple different people to get it done. These individuals are not assigned exclusively to a single project, so their time has …

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Go Lean and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Some may not be knowledgeable of the history of Lean or the amazing ways to use it to take satisfied customers to astounded customers. Every company and business requires certain amount of paperwork; however, do not get lost in the numbers. Some head honchos forget that numbers translates to real people with real concerns and emotions. Although business is complex; the concept of LEAN manufacturing is not. Common sense seems to escape the daily mind …

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Top 5 Reasons Why Lean Transformations Fail

Implementing lean transformations in any type of facility can be very difficult, and when done improperly they can cause significant problems both for the short term and in the future.  The benefits of a properly implemented lean transformation, however, can be extremely powerful and help companies of all types run much more smoothly and even improve the profit margin the company is able to bring in.  Looking at key reasons why lean transformations have failed …

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