Why Ongoing Training is Important for Workplace Safety

Employers and employees all want a safe workplace, and the best way to achieve this is through ongoing training. Injuries and illnesses suffered on the job are very costly to companies, and can cost employees their jobs or even their lives. Workplace injuries cost companies and employees billions of dollars each year, and are also responsible for thousands of hours of lost productivity on the job. To keep this from happening, having employees who are well-trained in safety procedures can make all the difference. Businesses that are the most successful in implementing workplace safety training are ones who instill a culture emphasizing safety and following the rules. This always starts at the top with management, and when implemented properly is able to trickle down through the many levels of employees. Making employees aware of the importance of safety is crucial to having a successful workplace safety program, and this is accomplished by getting as many people as possible involved in the program.

Guard Against Complacency

Many accidents and injuries in the workplace occur due to workers getting careless or negligent when performing their tasks. Since nothing has ever happened before, they believe nothing will ever happen. When complacency sets in, that’s when accidents are most likely to happen. By offering ongoing safety training, a business can keep important issues fresh in their minds and keep them well-trained in various procedures. A great example of this is teaching employees how to use a fire extinguisher. Most employees automatically assume they know how to use these, only to find themselves struggling to remember the proper procedures when an emergency happens. Having regular training sessions with employees can help prevent this, and possibly help save lives as well.

Properly Using Equipment

When an employee’s job involves using equipment such heavy machinery, employers should provide as much ongoing safety training on  forklifts and equipment as possible to keep accidents from happening. When new equipment is purchased, there should be immediate safety training on the do’s and dont’s regarding proper operating procedures. When employees realize safety is an important aspect of doing their job correctly, they will take the training seriously and make sure their co-workers do the same. Forklift drivers, for example, should be re-certified and trained on how to operate a new model, even if it is very similar to their current model. Becoming complacent on potential hazards is how accidents happen, and making safety training a daily aspect of the job can help keep everyone safe.

free-safety-guidesUsing Technology for Safety Training

One of the best ways to implement ongoing safety training in the workplace is by using various forms of technology. Many companies today are turning to iPads and tablets to make it more convenient to deliver safety training to their employees. By using technology to deliver the training, it sends a message to the workforce that the company is committed to having a top-notch safety program and is willing to invest in the latest technology to do so. By having a willingness to remain current and make the safety training program as efficient as possible, employers and employees will reap the benefits.

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