OSHA Safety Floor Tape

Safety is the most important thing in any facility, and one of the best ways to improve safety is by following the OSHA standards and guidelines. OSHA offers hundreds of different requirements for all sorts of different types of facilities, and while it can sometimes be difficult to stay in compliance, the regulations are intended to help keep everyone as safe as possible. One of the most important OSHA requirements is that hazardous areas in a facility must be marked off clearly. Using OSHA safety floor tape is an excellent (and affordable) way to remain in compliance with this requirement.

Hazardous Areas

When working toward becoming, or remaining, OSHA compliant, it is important to identify areas in the facility which pose hazards to employees or visitors to the area. Depending on the type of facility, there could be many different hazards from a variety of different items. Whether the hazard is from toxic gasses, moving parts or anything else, alerting people to these dangers is critical. Using OSHA safety floor tape, it is possible to quickly and clearly mark off the areas where the hazard exists.

Many facilities will choose a different color or style of OSHA safety floor tape for each type of hazard. After training everyone who spends time in the facility on what each type of tape means, it can help prevent injuries or other problems.

Sub-Conscious Safety

One big benefit to using OSHA safety floor tape is that even after the tape has been in place for a long time, and people don’t even seem to notice it is there, it is still improving safety. While walking through an area, they will see the tape, and while they might not even give it a second thought, the sub-conscious areas of the mind and visual communication will recognize the danger and take any necessary action. This may be something as simple as walking around the area, or grabbing a hard-hat before entering, but the bottom line is, it will keep individuals safe while working in the area.

It is important, however, to ensure that the OSHA safety floor tape remains visible. This can be difficult in some facilities because it can get quite dirty, very quickly. If the tape is completely covered in dust or other items, it won’t be seen by people walking in the area, and therefore won’t help protect anyone.

free-floor-marking-guide-and-poster from Creative Safety SupplyDurable OSHA Safety Floor Tape

OSHA safety floor tape is typically made of durable self-adhesive vinyl, which will last for a very long time. As long as it is applied to a clean surface, it should stick for years, and hold up to heavy traffic and harsh conditions of a factory. The tape can also typically be cleaned using the same methods as the rest of the floor, so keeping it visible shouldn’t be a problem in most cases. Whether the facility is cleaned with a traditional mop and bucket, or an industrial floor cleaner, high-quality floor tape can last through it all.

If a facility is looking for the best way to improve overall safety, and remain OSHA compliant, looking into the OSHA safety floor tape is an excellent option. It is an inexpensive way to alert people to hazards, or convey other information in a simple and visible way.

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