Aisle Marking Tape: Help Increase Accident Free Days

Aisle Marking Tape is probably one of the most affordable and easiest solutions used to designate work areas as well as to help guide traffic through industrial plants, warehouses, and even office work environments.  Aisle Marking Tape comes in a variety of bright colors as well as options. One option may be glow in the dark tape which can help reduce employee confusion in dim areas and also improve safety, efficiency and performance.  Businesses that are on the top of the competition and successful in what they do will claim that their success is attributed to keeping the facility lean and safe.  A safe environment is an accident free environment and when you have accident free days, you will have greater productivity, more cost efficiency and an all around enthusiastic work crew.

Safety awareness is critical for all types of workplace environments.  We all know that “accidents happen” and tend to happen all too often.  This is why preventative measures should be taken quite seriously, not only for the benefit of the company’s defense against lawsuits, but more importantly for the well-being and safety of the employees and visitors.  By utilizing aisle marking tape to help assist in keeping an accident free facility, you will be able to warn employees of approaching hazards, dangers, or even specific equipment that can possibly aid in protection.  Aisle Marking Tape can section off areas where equipment and containers can be stored in a neat and orderly fashion. If there is an empty floor with no markings, things such as clutter and other items of disorganization may take over and this is when accidents are bound take place.

Providing organization and safety in the workplace are two of the primary functions of aisle marking tape.  OSHA provides guidelines as to how markings should be applied so that aisles and passageways are clearly visible and properly marked so that a company can maintain an accident free environment.  Aisle marking tape can enhance safety conditions especially when hazardous materials or potentially dangerous equipment is present on the floor.  By placing a perimeter of warning around an area where cargo is being handled and transported by forklifts, employees and other people will be placed on guard that there is potentially hazardous conditions present that could cause injury.  By following OSHA’s recommended color coding system for marking tape, you will minimize workplace accidents and contribute to an overall healthier working environment.

Some may think that painting lines on the floor is the way to increase accident free days, but experience and tests have proven that tape responds much better than paint in regards to durability, life span, affordability and ease of application.  Quality floor tapes are resistant to peeling, stretching and tearing and also exhibit a tolerance to aging, sun, water, fungus, bacteria, oil, acid and other corrosive chemicals. Painted lines have shown to chip away easily when heavy objects are dragged across them causing a constant need for repainting.  Repainting is not a good option, especially when one has to wait for the paint to dry, costing valuable productivity time while people wait for the painted area to become dry and become workable space.  Aisle marking tape features a simple, peel-n-stick application that takes little time to install so the area can be utilized right after the tape has been applied.


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