Red Floor Tape

Most business owners agree it is a very competitive market in today’s world and, as a business owner; they are looking for ways to reduce cost and become more efficient.  One of the easiest, quickest, and affordable ways to create organization and safety in the workplace is by the use of colored tape to identify safety and hazard areas.  Successful companies use the 5S floor marking color guidelines that comply with the OSHA 1910.144 standard.  This color scheme can be used to visually separate safe work areas and pathways from potential dangerous areas that could cause accidents or possible death.

Colored tape is available with different codes and patterns that will alert workers in construction areas about potential dangers and instruct them in safety measures.  The same standards apply for non-construction work places to alert workers to potential hazards.  OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has defined a set of tape color and pattern standards for specific situations.  Red floor tape is a recognized color for indicating hazards.

OSHA safety color code regulations state that red should be used to mark the location of fire-extinguishing and protective equipment and to identify containers of flammable or combustible liquids.  When safety equipment and products are marked in bold red, responders can quickly respond to emergency situations.  When containers filled with hazardous liquids are marked in red, workers will know at a glance that caution must be taken when handling the product.

Red tape is widely used to mark off floor areas to designate a dangerous zone to keep unauthorized personnel from entering.  Workplace hazards may involve heavy machinery, fire, chemicals or traffic.  Red floor tape can mark off safe aisles and pathways for pedestrians keeping them from entering vehicular traffic.   Stairways and loading docks marked with red floor tape can prevent accidental falls and slips.

OSHA recommends any type of “danger” signs be designed in the color red or at minimum be outlined in red.  Red floor tape can be used to border signs that may not be in red color to forewarn workers to stop, look and listen for possible dangers that may lurk ahead of them.

Barricades or temporary obstructions are used to keep people away from potential hazards.  These barricades are usually marked in some way with the color red.  Red floor tape is not only used for floors.  It can be a great marking solution for all types of equipment, machinery, walls, and the list goes on and on.

Red tape is recommended as the color to use to help everyone identify and react safely to hazards.  At the end of the day, a workplace goal is to send every person home healthy and safe.

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