Industrial Floor Tape

Working in industrial facilities can be quite dangerous, but there are simple things which can be done to dramatically improve the safety of everyone working in the area.  One of the most important things for any facility to do is to help make people aware of where potential dangers are so they can take the necessary precautions to help avoid them.  When people are aware of risks they can be more cautious which can help prevent problems from ever occurring.

One of the most cost effective ways to alert people to potential risks is by using industrial floor tape.  There are many different types and colors of tape which can be securely placed on the floors of a facility to mark off where different types of risks may be present.  Using color coded or design coded tape can indicate what types of risks are in the area so people know exactly what to watch out for.  This simple process can help prevent injuries or damage to equipment without having to invest in major safety changes.

Industrial Floor Tape | Standards & Training

When using industrial floor tape in any facility it is essential to also offer training so people know what types of tape mean what.  If a facility fails to educate the employees on what they use orange tape for, for example, an individual may see this tape and start watching out for moving vehicles.  If the risk is of slippery floors, this will do little to keep anyone safe.  Setting a standard for each color tape and making sure everyone knows what the different colors means is an essential part of improving the safety of the facility.

Fortunately, this type of training is quick and easy for most facilities.  Going over what each color or pattern means and then providing people with print-outs of this information is typically sufficient.  Having posters explaining these standards throughout the facility is another way to help people to understand exactly what risks are associated with what types of industrial floor tape.

Using Industrial Floor Tape

free-floor-marking-guide-and-poster from Creative Safety SupplyThe exact method each facility will use industrial floor tape will vary, but there are some suggestions which may be useful for just about any type of industry.  Using floor tape to create a visual indicator of where the risk could be is very useful.  If there are moving parts on a machine, for example, the tape could be placed at the furthest area which these moving parts can reach.  This way people know not to cross the line without taking proper precautions.

Placing tape in areas where vehicles like hi-lows travel is another great idea.  This will help alert people to the possibility of a vehicle coming, and it will help ensure the drivers of these vehicles stay in the proper areas.  There are, of course, dozens of other possible uses for industrial floor tape.  Using it properly in your facility can help prevent accidents and injuries.  This is one of the most popular safety tools in industrial facilities today because of how effective and affordable it can be.

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