Floor Tape Dots

For visitors to many factories, warehouses, and other facilities, it can be quite odd to walk through an area and see colored dots on the floor. People may look at all the employees working in the area and wonder why there are polka-dots covering different parts of the floor. The fact is, however, these floor tape dots are a critical component of the overall safety of the facility. Each company may have different specific meanings for each type of dot, but they have become a standard tool for most facilities today.


What are Floor Tape Dots?

Floor tape dots are circular pieces of durable tape which can be placed directly on a facility floor. They come in a variety of different colors which can be used as a visual cue for those working in the area. Each facility can choose what each type of floor tape dot means, and when everyone in the area is trained on these meanings it can be an extremely effective way to alert people to different things.

free-floor-marking-guide-and-poster from Creative Safety SupplyWhen an area is covered with one color dot, it may mean that it is dangerous to walk there due to one particular type of hazard. Another type of dot could let people know that they must wear a hard hat before entering due to the risk of moving or falling objects. Each facility will have a different set of hazards, and the floor tape dots are a great tool to let people know of the risk. Most facilities will use these types of colored dots in conjunction with other things, like wall signs to ensure people are aware of risks.

A wall sign that notifies employee of the risk of burns due to high heat from a specific machine is great, for example, but if an individual can’t see it because they are at a bad angle, it does them no good. Floor tape dots can be seen from any angle, and since they don’t require words to convey the message, they are much more effective in many cases. As long as a facility is consistent in the type of floor tape dots they use in each situation, it can be a great way to share safety information with those working in specific areas.

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