A Close Look At Smart Stripe Shapes

If you have a business that needs to be organized with less confusion, Smart Stripe Shapes may be the product that your company should take a closer look at.  Smart Stripe Shape floor markings can turn your facility from a high cost, low productive business to a more efficiently run facility by simply marking floors with shapes that will identify areas and pathways for optimal work flow with minimal movement.

A Tool for your 5s Project

The Smart Stripe Shapes will fit into your 5S project as a tool to organize work areas for items or equipment that needs to be either stored or discarded.  The smart stripe shapes can promote and maintain clean and tidy work areas, as well as promote safety.  Employees will know exactly where tools and equipment should be returned at the end of the work day, thus reducing unnecessary clutter that may accumulate where it is not needed.

Smart Stripe Corners

Smart Stripe Corners can be used as a way to mark off a square or rectangular space identifying an area for storage of equipment, inventory, or hazardous material.

Smart Stripe Dots

The Smart Stripe Dots can optimize the look for the squared off area. By utilizing the dots between the corner markings it helps make the corner markings that much more visual.

Smart Stripe X’s

The Smart Stripe X’s can be used to mark the spot where forklifts or other vehicles should be parked keeping them organized and out of the way from other equipment.

Are your Pathways going in every direction?

Does your facility have a multitude of pathways going in every direction or is your business one that requires a lot of visitors or plant tours?  If so, you may want to take a closer look at Smart Stripe Shapes that are designed as footprints, arrows or arrowheads that will direct the flow of traffic.

Smart Stripe Footprints

The footprints and arrows can be applied to any type of flooring including carpeted floors.   Someone coming into the facility for the first time will be able to know at a glance as to which aisle they are to proceed down.  The footprints and arrows will keep pedestrians from entering unauthorized zones or possible hazardous areas.  Plant or office tours can be conducted without a tour guide when floors are marked properly with directional flow shapes.  Museums are good examples where smart stripe shapes could be used to direct visitor traffic without requiring guides and thereby cutting down on overhead and reducing costs.

Withstanding Heavy Traffic

The Smart Stripe Shapes are ultra-thin, yet tough enough to withstand even heavy industrial environments.  Forklift traffic, heavy pedestrian traffic and other vehicular traffic can slide right over the floor markings without ripping, scratching or fading.  Installation is as simple as peel-n-stick without any additional applicator.  When it is time to remove or change the floor marking design, chemicals are not required and the process of removing is as quick as when it was installed.  Both small and large floor marking projects can be done easily and quickly without disrupting the workday.

When it comes to marking your office, manufacturing plant, or cultural venue with floor markings, take a closer look at Smart Stripe Shapes.  They can be one of the most affordable and efficient ways to create and promote organization and safety.

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