5S Marking Tape

When implementing a plan to improve the safety and efficiency of any facility one of the tools which should be considered is 5s marking tape.  This tape is typically brightly colored and easily seen even in dirty areas or areas with low levels of light. The idea is that this tape will help show people who are working or visiting your facility where potential dangers are without having to give them lengthy training.

This type of tape is much simpler to use than signs which people need to read since those types of things are often ignored.  When anyone enters your facility it is much easier to let them know that when they see red tape, for example, that means they should avoid the area due to dangers.  Another color of tape can tell them of other hazards or even where it is safe for them to travel.  A quick rundown of each of the colors used in your facility will go a long way towards ensuring everyone’s safety.

Where to Use 5s Marking Tape

There are many different places on which this type of tape can be used effectively.  Most people start with marking their floors since this is an easy area to place tape and it can be very effective.  Putting tape down to alert people to dangers and different areas is quick and simple and due to the strong tape that is used it will last a long time.

You can also use tape to mark things on walls or even support columns in your facility.  Many places divide their facility up into different areas to indicate where they should go in the event of a fire or other emergency.  Having each area assigned a specific color can help ensure the process goes smoothly.  In cases like this the 5s marking tape will often warp support columns in the area to make it simple for people to identify where they are and where they should go.

Keeping 5s Marking Tape Visible

After placing the marking tape in all the areas of your facility which need it, you need to make sure it is always visible or it will not be helpful to anyone.  Each situation will be different but having a scheduled time when someone inspects the tape to ensure it is not peeling off or too dirty to be easily seen can help ensure the effectiveness of this tape.   In the majority of cases a monthly walk through is sufficient.  Wiping down the tape with a damp cloth will clear it of any dirt that has built up to ensure it is always easily seen.

Making a set of standards regarding how the tape is placed, which colors mean what and how often the tape should be inspected is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page and that the 5s marking tape is always as effective as possible.  Using this valuable tape is an extremely affordable and effective way to avoid accidents and keep your facility running smoothly.

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