Reflective Floor Marking Tape

In today’s modern economy more and more factories and other facilities are running 24 hour per day operations to keep up with the market demand.  While this is a great thing when it comes to being more profitable and employing more people, it can also present a lot of new dangers that need to be addressed.  When there is no natural light from the sun in an area it is critical that you take action to ensure people working in those areas are still safe.

One of the biggest dangers associated with this type of situation is when there are vehicles such as hi-lows or even regular cars that drive in an area where people may also be.  Of course, if you see them right in front of you while driving you will attempt to stop, but this is not always possible.  In addition, it can be hard to tell where your road or driving path goes more than a few feet ahead of you when it is dark out.

Reflective Floor marking Tape Extends Visibility

Using reflective floor marking tape will allow drivers to see where the road or path goes well ahead of them even if they can’t see exactly what is there.  When the reflective tape ends they know that there is either something in their way or the road itself ends, and either way it is time to slow down.  This is an essential piece of equipment to help improve the safety of both the drivers of these vehicles and the other people working in the area.

In addition to the safety of people you need to think about the safety of the merchandise or equipment in the area.  If, for example, a hi-low is moving a pallet of goods from one area to another and they can’t see what is ahead of them in the dark.  They may have to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting something which could disrupt the merchandise on the pallet and cause it to fall.  They may even run into other items in the area which can damage them. These types of accidents can quickly result in thousands of dollars in lost equipment or merchandise.

Implementing Reflective Floor Marking Tape

One of the best things about reflective floor marking tape is that it is so easy to use.  You simply apply it to any clean surface and it will stick there as long as it is left there.  The reflection is built right into the tape so you don’t need to worry about placement or ensuring that it works.  There are many different color options but in most cases the most important part of it is that it will reflect the light from a vehicle back to the driver so they can more easily see where they are going.

Training all your drivers and even the people who are walking in the area how to best watch out for this type of tape will cut down on accidents and help improve the safety and efficiency of any factory.

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