Research Complete: SafetyTac Aisle Marking Tape

There are many different types and brands of aisle marking tape out on the market today, some claim to be the most durable, some claim to stay bright and colorful longer, while others ensure reflective or glow in the dark properties. However, with all the variety out on the market it is important to remember that not all aisle marking tapes are created equal. Different brands of aisle marking tapes use different processes and adhesives to make their products work and while some tend to hold up a lot better than others, it is important to understand the multiple components of the tape to make sure it is the right fit for your business or warehouse needs. For this article, we are going to describe a few of the most popular types of aisle marking tape created by SafetyTac. SafetyTac is a well-known and trusted industrial tape supply company owned by Creative Safety Supply who is one of the leaders in both 5S and industrial safety supplies.

We are going to review and discuss the components of three SafetyTac top selling tape products: SafetyTac Edge Tape, SafetyTac Hazard Tape, and SafetyTac Lean Tape.

SafetyTac Edge Tape

SafetyTac_EDGESafetyTac Edge Tape is a strong, industrial tape that has been proven through many tests and trials to withstand the harsh conditions of warehouse and manufacturing facility floors. Whether forklifts are driving over it multiple times per day, or if things are dragged across it, the tape still manages to hold firm. Some of the key highlights of the Edge tape are that it is low profile so it will bond tightly and securely with the floor surface, along with that it features durable tapered edges, and an intensely strong adhesive that will not leave residue when it is removed. The Edge tape is offered in 2 sizes, 2 inches wide by 100 feet long, or 4 inches wide by 100 feet long and is available in 7 bright colors for enhanced visibility.

SafetyTac Hazard Tape

Safety Tac Hazard Tape from Creative Safety SupplyThe SafetyTac Hazard tape features 100% smear and scuff resistant hazard striping pattern which allows this tape to not only be very eye-catching to inform employees of hazards, but also very durable so it is able to withstand nearly any warehouse or facility conditions. With the added feature of the bright, high-contrast striping, this floor tape is an ideal tape for alerting employees to potentially hazardous conditions within the work environment. This tape is available in 3 sizes so you can choose the best fit for your needs,  and is also available in 4 different color stripe combinations such as black and yellow, red and white, black and white, and green and white.

SafetyTac Lean Tape

SafetyTac_LEANSafetyTac Lean Tape is a smooth, sleek tape that bonds to the flooring surface securely with an extremely low profile; in fact it is nearly 40% thinner than most other floor tapes but still outperforms the competition of many thicker vinyl tapes. It is so thin that it is almost as if the lines were painted right on the floor. The Lean tape features a rubber-based adhesive that works best in facilities that experience medium to moderate traffic conditions. This tape also provides a fantastic resistance to oils, greases, water spills, and normal facility traffic. Another bonus of this tape is that it will not leave behind unsightly residue when it is removed.  The Lean tape is available in 10 bold colors and 3 handy sizes.

Choosing the right aisle marking tape for your facility doesn’t have to be difficult, just inform yourself about the different tapes out on the market and their specific qualities to make sure they will adequately meet the needs of your business.

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