Floor Marking Shapes Example

When attempting to improve the overall safety and efficiency of a facility it is important utilize the best solutions possible. Furthermore, when solutions are simple and inexpensive they should be done as quickly as possible. Using floor markings within a facility is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone knows about any potential hazards in the area and stays away from restricted areas. When it comes to floor markings there are many different options to choose from, and one of the best solutions is to use floor marking shapes.

The following are a few of the most commonly used floor marking shapes. These markings are typically used in manufacturing facilities and warehouses to quickly and easily convey messages to anyone in the area.


  • Corner Markings – While it might seem obvious that a corner is coming up when walking through a facility, it really isn’t always entirely clear which may pose a safety hazard. In addition, when driving through an area with a hi-low the view is often obstructed. If you’re walking through an area carrying boxes it can also be difficult to see corners. Choosing a special color for only corner markings is a great way to alert people about a corner so they can watch out for dangers.


  • Arrows – Using arrows on the floor to ensure everyone knows which way they should be driving or walking is a small thing, but it can go a long way to improve safety. When people know the directional flow of traffic in a facility they are much less likely to become injured by loading vehicles or other industrialized moving equipment.



  • Footprints – Footprints are another way to show people where they should be walking. They can also be used to notify drivers of indoor vehicles that there may be foot traffic in the area so they should slow down and keep a closer eye out for people. Footprints may also be used to indicate which areas are safe for foot traffic.



  • Dots – Dots can come in a wide range of different colors and can be used to notify people of a variety of different things. Each facility can use these dots for different reasons as long as everyone is made aware of their meaning. With so many different colors and patterns it is common for facilities and warehouses to use these for a variety of different purposes.


Of course, there are many other floor marking shapes which can be used as well. Finding the shapes that work best for a particular warehouse or manufacturing facility is typically just a matter of looking at what is available and training employees in the facility on what they mean. Finding floor markings that are easily visible is also important; shapes may come in bright colors, while others may even be reflective so they can be seen in low light situations.

Nonetheless, no matter what types of information you’re attempting to convey to people in the area there are floor marking options which can be used effectively. Floor markings are an easy and inexpensive way to quickly improve the overall safety of any given area.

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