A Closer Look at Smart Stripe Tape

smart-stripe-tapeIf you are a business owner who is constantly moving supplies and equipment due to increased production or adding onto your facility due to great success, you will want to take to a closer look at Smart Stripe Tape as a convenient and affordable method of marking your floor storage locations.   Smart Strip floor tape is easy to apply, and some are available with application machines which is an extra benefit when working on large warehouse striping projects.

Smart Stripe Tape versus Paint

When areas need to be redesigned, the Smart Stripe Tape can be easily removed without any sticky residue left behind on the floor or without the use of any unwanted chemicals. New area markings can be designed with the Smart Stripe Tape as quickly and easily as they are removed without shutting down areas of productivity.  This just simply isn’t the case when it comes to painted lines for marking off areas.  When utilizing paint for floor markings, areas need to be shut down due to fumes, dry time, and cure time.  In addition, if painted lines need to be changed due to a floor redesign, harsh chemicals need to be used to remove the paint which can again cause unwanted production downtime.  A closer look at Smart Stripe Tape will prove to be your best solution over paint when making new or removing old floor markings.

The Many Uses of Smart Stripe Tape

Smart Stripe Tape is more than just a product for marking floors.  The versatility of this tape will show that it can be used anywhere you need to mark lines, such as on walls, doors, workbenches, or even as a mask for hard chrome plating and anodizing.  Smart Stripe tape can also be used to outline informational or warning signs on walls that could use more visual enhancement.  The bright colors of this tape will attract attention as soon as an area is utilized. Wall signs often convey important information that could prevent accidents or even save your life.  Furthermore, an exit door marked with highly visible tape will ensure a quick escape during an emergency situation.  A door that opens to a highly hazardous area can be outlined making it more visual to someone that should not be entering without proper authorization.

Performance and Durability

Another factor to consider is the durability of Smart Stripe Tape, you will find that this tape won’t curl, stretch, or snag.  It is a durable solution for your marking needs and will withstand excessive heavy pedestrian traffic and normal day to day warehouse equipment traffic like forklifts and pallet jacks.  When painted lines and Smart Stripe Tape have been put into the same tests of normal business activity, Smart Strip Tape outlasts paint by a long shot.  Painted lines will start to show peeling and fading while the Smart Strip tape is as clear as the first day it was applied.  It makes sense to take a closer look at Smart Stripe Tape for your next marking projects.

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