5S Markings

When planning out the safety and efficiency of any facility one of the most important things is to be able to mark off different areas quickly and easily.  Whether it is floor tape, safety labels or tags placed on different items within the facility, 5S markings are an essential tool to ensure the safety of employees.  Having these things available helps ensure the entire facility is working off of one standard which can help avoid confusion and also cut down on overall expenses.

Types of 5S Markings

Each of the following types of markings will have a different use in different facilities.  It is essential to have the 5s markings clearly defined within the facility so everyone is aware of what everything means.

  • Floor Tape – Using colored tape on the floors is one of the best ways to mark off different areas with different meanings.  There are dozens of different colors and types of floor tape to choose from to clearly label all the different areas.
  • 5S Tags – Putting tags on different items is a great way to track detailed information about them.  5S red tags are among the most popular and will help to identify when something was inspected, or even what types of hazards may be associated with the item.  These tags can be quickly updated or replaced as well to ensure the most up to date information is available at all times.
  • Floor Signs – Using floor signs for temporary hazards in an area is a great way to mark off different potential dangers.  Things like wet floor signs are the most common, but there can be many others depending on the specific needs of a facility.
  • Posters & Other Markings – There are many other types of 5S approved markings available as well.  There is truly something for virtually every situation in a facility, and if a pre-made marking is not available there are many places which offer custom labeling.

What Makes 5S Marking So Important

When working in a facility there are many dangers to both the employees working in the area, and the facility itself.  If things aren’t clearly marked using standard 5S markings it is difficult to prevent accidents.  Most facilities find that there is only a small investment needed to get all the tape, labels and other markings they need to dramatically improve on the overall safety of the facility.  Once the markings are put in place, it is essential to keep in maintained and updated as time goes on.  Overall, these markings are a great way to improve efficiency and safety in any facility.

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