Floor Marking Tape Corners

Any facility which is looking for a way to improve the safety of their machinery, products and employees will want to consider purchasing floor marking tape corners. Like regular floor marking tape, it is durable, visible and will securely stick to most types of flooring. Rather than simply allowing you to create straight lines, however, this product is specifically intended for marking off corners. As anyone working any a factory, warehouse or other facility knows, the corners are where there is the most potential for accidents, which is why it is essential to get these areas right.

While it may be possible to use traditional marking tape on a corner, it will require that you use several pieces in order to have the required curve. Each time you add a separate piece of tape, it will have another edge which can start to peal up, causing it to be less visible and the increase chance of it needing to be replaced more frequently. Using floor marking tape corners, however, allows you to use just one piece for the full corner. This will last much longer, and look much nicer for anyone in the area.

free-floor-marking-guide-and-poster from Creative Safety SupplyType of Floor Marking Tape Corners

Choosing the right type of floor marking tape corners is very important. While they are all similar, there are differences which need to be noted. The first, and most obvious, will be the color of the tape. While this might seem unimportant, it is actually critical for improving safety. Each color will show up best in different environments, so choosing the right one will dramatically improve the safety of an area. In low light areas, for example, bright neon yellow or orange is ideal.

Some floor marking tape corners will have a reflective surface, which makes them perfect for areas which are in use at night. As the lights of a vehicle shine on them, it will alert the driver to the corner, as well as draw the attention of any pedestrians to the oncoming vehicle.

While floor marking tape corners might seem like a small thing, they can help to improve the safety of a facility dramatically. Consider adding it to the floors as a part of an overall safety plan today.

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