Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Caution Slippery When Wet

Thousands of people each year are hurt in slip-and-fall accidents in factories and other facilities.  While these types of accidents are certainly dangerous no matter where you are, they can be particularly life-threatening in an environment where there are moving machines and vehicles driving by at frequent intervals.  With this in mind many facilities have begun using anti-slip, traction tape to help people keep their footing while walking through an area which might potentially get wet or slippery.

Where to Use Anti-Slip Tape

There are many different areas where this type of tape can be very useful.  The first place which often comes to mind in regards to slipping is right near the entrance to the building.  When it is raining or snowing people will track in water or even ice which can make it very difficult to keep your footing.  Even when you have a carpet in the area it can become drenched and water can start getting tracked to other areas.

Another area where this type of anti-slip tape can be useful is anywhere that products such as oil or grease are used since they can make the floors very slippery quite quickly.  Even if a spill is not likely this inexpensive tape is a great precaution because it is better for it to be there just in case so people working on cleaning up a mess won’t have to worry as much about slipping and falling.

One last area which you might want to consider using anti-slip tape is anywhere that is already particularly hazardous.  Whether it is somewhere that people have to carry heavy objects or an area with a lot of moving machinery, a fall in these situations can quickly become life threatening.  Placing the anti-slip tape is one small step toward preventing a very dangerous situation from ever occurring.

How to Place Anti-Slip Tape

Applying anti-slip tape is quick and simple since it works just like any other type of tape.  You’ll want to clean the area where you’re going to put it down and then let it dry completely.  Once the area is dry you can carefully place the tape on the floor and make sure it is nice and even.  Walk over the tape to ensure it is securely in place before moving on to the next area.  In almost all cases you’ll want several strips of this tape in a close proximity to each other to ensure people’s feet will be on it in these potentially hazardous areas.

Covering an entire area is not too difficult either.  You’ll want to make sure each strip of tape is no more than an inch or two from the one next to it so people don’t accidently step in the area without any tape.  You can also purchase wider rolls of this tape to provide additional protection from slip-and-fall accidents.

Most facility managers agree that in any area where slipping is a problem this type of tape is one of the most affordable ways to keep everyone safe and also help protect the facility from any potential lawsuits.

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