Tape Protection

When it comes to floor marking projects, tape protection is the perfect solution for extending life and durability to the project.  Protecting floor markings will assure companies are getting the most out of their investments with regards to the cost of floor tape and the number of man hours spent on floor marking projects.  Extending life to line markings will help maintain a lean and safe facility.

What is tape line protection?

Over laminate tape protection is made from a polyethylene film tape coated on one side with a rubber based adhesive which remains permanently tacky and bonds well to most surfaces over a wide range of temperatures, and can be used on any type of floor marking tape, essentially laminating it.  The tough polyethylene backing is considerably resistant to tears and abrasion from forklifts, pallets, and other industrial abuses.  Vinyl tape protection has excellent low temperature bonding ability and is also highly conformable, waterproof and resistant to chemicals.  Protective tape is virtually transparent, looks great, and is easy to apply.

Tape protection for gymnasiums

When it comes to marking aisles or pathways, the first thought that comes to mind is warehouses or manufacturing plants where safety lines are important to separate vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  But gymnasiums and recreational facilities also apply tape to mark off boundary lines and court layouts.  It is critical to maintain line markings from fading or chipping away when it comes to sporting events.    Because the tape lies flat over line markings, athletes can move effortlessly around the court without any thought of tripping or slipping.  When preventive actions are taken to extend the life of floor tape, expenses are maintained and school and public budgets are preserved.

Theaters use tape protection

Stage markings are often made with floor tape and what better way to protect them than with transparent tape protection.  Theater technicians use tape to designate hazardous areas backstage, such as trap doors in the floor and areas that may contain cables and equipment.  Line markings are often made on stages to mark off areas where actors are meant to perform.   Marking the edge of a stage is one of the best ways to prevent someone from falling and causing bodily injury.  Tape protection over these lines will help maintain their appearance from fading or chipping away.

Tape protection and construction projects

When hazardous areas around construction sites need to be marked off to protect the public, tape often used.  Not all tape is waterproof or chemically resistant.  Polyethylene film protective tape can be applied over outdoor lines since it is both waterproof and chemical resistant.  Hazardous line markings are brightly colored drawing attention to an area.  Tape protection will assure lines are protected from outdoor elements keeping them visible for public’s safety.

Tape protection – a must for all line markings

Line markings for safety, organization, and court layouts will withstand extreme conditions and last many years when protected by over laminate polyethylene film tape.  It will protect any type of tape from high pedestrian activity to extreme industrial abuse.


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